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Benefits of Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agencies have become a popular form of finding a job or employee over the last few years. Our team carefully assess every CV and motivation letter we receive in order to find the perfect company and candidate match. The job hunting and employee seeking process can be an exhausting one, we know. So having the encouragement and push of a recruiter can bring you farther than you thought you could go and open opportunities which you didn’t think were possible. There are so many benefits of find work through recruitment agencies, click the image below to find out what those benefits are, and what the process looks like for both sides.

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Success Story: Frederic from New Zealand!

It is time for another candidate’s success story! Frederic is a candidate originally from New Zealand who settled in the Netherlands after traveling through Europe. That the final and definitive stop would be the Netherlands was clear from the beginning and when Frederic and his partner arrived here they started looking for long term employment.

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The OV Chip-Card: Your golden ticket

The OV chip-card is the golden ticket to get everywhere and anywhere in the Netherlands by train, metro, and bus. This smart card is the size of a bank card which contains an invisible chip. It can be loaded with credit in Euros then you can travel anywhere within the country. It will be something you will use on a daily basis if you don’t plan on driving a car, and quite frankly- you don’t really need one when you live here. Public transport is super easy and is well organized in the Netherlands. And this is how you can go about it.

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Infographic: How to build a perfect CV

Perhaps there is no such thing as a perfect CV, but companies and recruitment agencies alike have certain expectations when receiving a CV. As recruiters, we’ve seen thousands of CV’s throughout our experience. From rather plain layouts and two liners, to board games and flower power themes; when we think we’ve seen them all- there’s always a new one that catches our eye, whether it’s good or bad.

Our  Building a CV infographic will show you exactly what our team of recruiters look for in resumes. We cover all of the aspects that a CV should have:

– What contact information we need

– Your work experience and education

– Training and certificates

– Skills and volunteer work

– Other notes regarding font, length, design and more

Plus three other blogs that go more in depth on taking the perfect CV photo, online courses and the importance of languages!

Let us know in the comments below if this infographic helped you, and what other tips you would like to see in the future from the Abroad Experience team!

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