Applying for a job (40)

Reasons why your CV was rejected

After a little prayer, you click apply. Congratulations! Your application has been sent into the clouds of hundreds of job seeking hopeful like yourself, hoping for an email or call back. But days and maybe even weeks go by, and you haven’t heard anything.  We wanted to share a few reasons why your CV might not have made the cut.

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Ghosting Candidates: A spooky phenomenon

With Halloween coming up, we want to address one of the spookiest situations every recruiter faces: Ghosting candidates. *Insert thunder and lightning scene here* This happens to us every now and then, and it’s something which you, yes you reading this considering to apply for that role in Amsterdam, must promise never to do!

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Choosing Your Reference(s)

The references are your next hurdle in the process of crossing the line first. Here are a few tips and examples of the outcome of both good and bad references. Who should you choose, and why honesty is usually the best policy in the end.

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Hard Skills & Soft Skills

Though knowledge of certain tools are large factor which define  the type of job you will be placed in, your personality will usually steer you to the role you would truly enjoy. Hard and soft skills, how are they defined, and how can you use both to your advantage?

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