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How to Get the Best out of Social Media in your Job Search

Nowadays, job search has become a real job itself. The competition and shortage of jobs on the labour market require candidates to elaborate more thoroughly their applications when applying to a new position. As a result, there are many other features that you should take into account before you click on the “send” button: cover letter, video CV, personal website, social media, among others.

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Working via Abroad Experience

After a successful recruitment procedure, we can assist applicants coming from abroad with information regarding relocation to The Netherlands. In order to ensure that your relocation to The Netherlands runs as smoothly as possible,  we can provide you with necessary information, ie. how to get a BSN number, where to open a bank account, how to arrange health insurance etc.  We can put you in contact with a number of local housing agencies that will be happy to assist you in finding suitable accommodation. In general no financial aid is given for relocation.

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Travel expense payments

Although it is not compulsory, most companies in The Netherlands reimburse the cost for your daily commuting to work. The policy regarding the amount to be compensated for public and private transport varies from company to company.

When travelling by private transport it is common to receive €0.19 cents per KM up to a certain KM distance per day. The KM distance per day is once again decided by the company. When travelling by public transport companies request invoices/receipts of your travel costs. The policy regarding travel expenses will be stated in your Assignment that you sign with us.

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When working for Abroad Experience in Phase A of a temporary contract, you (the Temporary Employee) are only paid for the hours actually worked. For every worked hour you will accumulate reservations (additional income). The size of the reserves is shown on the payslip that you will receive after every 4 week payment period.

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Time Sheets

When you sign the contract with Abroad Experience, you will receive time sheets that should be completed and sent to Abroad Experience on a weekly basis. The salary will only be paid out if the timesheets have been signed by the “Hirer” (your direct manager or team leader) and have been received by Abroad Experience. Abroad Experience can take no responsibility for non/late payment when the timesheets have not been received on time.

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