The Dutch pension system

 With the help of Delta Lloyd (a large Dutch insurer), GfK, the fourth largest market research institute in the world, has found that Dutch youths are not keen to work until they’re 70. The age of retirement has been increasing over the last few years in the Netherlands, but those who are just beginning their career journey are not so enthusiastic about this fact.

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Opening a bank account in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is home to some of the world’s largest banks, ABN-AMRO, ING and Rabobank, just to name a few of the most popular and known ones. Some of these banks offer a full range of services in English, including apps, translated manuals, and ATMs all over the country (for further details, see further below). 

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30% Ruling

What does the 30% ruling mean?

The employer can reimburse the extra territorial costs of the employee tax free. To be able to do this the employee must hand over all the receipts and the employer must check and approve them. This can lead to a lot of work, especially if more employees are in a similar situation. To make it easier employer and employee can request the tax office (foreign tax office in Heerlen) to grant the 30% ruling to the employee for his activities for the employer. This way the employer can, once granted, pay out a tax free allowance of (roughly said) 30% of the salary of the employee.

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Salary slip

You will receive a salary slip for each 4 week payment period.  The salary slip will be sent to your private e-mail address and will provide the following information:

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Payment of salary

Abroad Experience pays the salaries to the temporary employees on its payroll on a 4 weekly basis. At the contract signing, you will receive a salary schedule outlining when Abroad Experience needs to receive your time sheets and when the salary payments will take place. We will also need to receive your IBAN bank account number into which you would like the salary to be deposited.

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