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Garbage Disposal in the Netherlands

An important and overlooked chore is taking out the garbage. All of the boxes, plastic, and endless counts of How-To booklets from IKEA need to go somewhere. From recycling, giving away old clothes, to the decaying banana peel that needs a place to go, that’s what we’re covering today.

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Accommodation in Amsterdam

How to find accommodation in Amsterdam?

Finding a place to live in Amsterdam and how quickly you can do this depend on two things. Firstly, your budget, and secondly whether you are looking to share an apartment. If you need to share you can expect to pay between 450 and 650 all in. For an apartment the starting price is usually around 1,100 excluding bills.

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Getting started

When beginning your search, establish your budget and other housing preferences. How important is it for you to be nearby your work, how much are you willing to pay or are there nearby school facilities if relocating with your family etc. Next, do some research on your options; is my city preference affordable? What about nearby cities? If you live outside of the city, is there nearby public transport options and how long is the commute? Where are the most recommended areas to live? Are there shops, bars and restaurants nearby? These questions will help narrow down exactly what you are looking for and help speed up the process of finding the accommodation that fits you and your needs.

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  • There still keep on coming new energy suppliers. Last 2 year Powerpeers, Sepa Green and EasyEnergy (known from the founders of Easyjet) entered also the Dutch market. You can find those as well in the updated energy comparison at http://www.goedkoopste-energieleverancier.net/

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