Understand the Dutch education system

The Dutch education system is quite complicated and requires some preparation if you’re coming from another country. This blog will allow you to have an overview of the Dutch schooling system specificities as an expat moving to the Netherlands. As overwhelming as the system may seem, the Netherlands is ranked as the 2nd best education system in Europe and that welcomes 82 000 foreign students every year.

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Internship in the Netherlands

Finding an internship in the Netherlands (also called ‘stage’ in Dutch), can be a long and tough process especially when you’re a foreign student who does not speak Dutch. However, being well informed about the system can be helpful to anticipate the demand of the job market.

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Top 5 best cities to work in the Netherlands

According to  OECD Better Life Index, the Netherlands had Europe’s best work-life balance in 2018. 93% of the population were happy about the combination of their time spent at work and their private life which is a good reason for foreign people to live and work in the Netherlands. The Dutch work market covers many sectors so mostly everyone can find a job in their field depending on the city. Moreover, more and more international companies (American ones usually) create their European headquarters in the Netherlands to support their European market.

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Dutch Business Culture: What to expect.

Dutch business culture, how does it compare to the rest of the world? Though Abroad Experience mainly works with international companies with offices in the Netherlands, we also work closely with Dutch companies (with international teams), that provide a Dutch working culture. It’s not the most complicated of environments, there are just a couple of features which are distinctly Dutch, as, with all cultures, this may take a little time to get used to.

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