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Valentine’s Day Activity Ideas in the Netherlands

Forget the canal boat ride… unless it includes brew and burgers by Hard Rock Café, and say “so long” to the horse drawn carriage, over priced glass of champagne and scattered rose petals. If you like all of those things, that’s alright, but here are some more ideas that will blow the socks off your significant other this Valentine’s Day.

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King’s Day

 What 16.8 million in population and is coated in orange? Why the Netherlands of course! The history of King’s Day might have strated quite recently (130 years) but it is a fascinating one. The day changes according to the birthday of the current King or Queen, and in 2014 for the first time ever, Queen’s day turned into King’s day, and it will stay like this until King Willem-Alexander’s daughter (Catharina-Amalia) claims the throne. We’re going to cover a bit more about the history and what you can expect this coming Koningsdag.

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10 apps the Dutch use everyday.

Here are a few useful applications which you will want to download when you relocate to the Netherlands. From travel, news, and lifestyle, these little buttons of information will help you in more ways than one.

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Dutch Food: 24 dishes/drinks/treats to try!

There’s much to learn about the Dutch and their habits and personalities. Once you’re here you will realize that there is more to the clogs and windmills than you originally thought. As it would be too much to write (in detail) all of their customs in one sitting, we thought it would be best to separate certain subjects in these distinct categories: food, holiday’s, the language, the people, and many other subjects to come. In this week’s edition we will be covering, what is arguably, the most important of topics: food.

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Easter Weekend!

Move over Christmas, Easter is the best holiday of the year. Easter (Pasen) in the Netherlands is a wonderful time. With the flowers blooming and the birds chirping, this long weekend is a celebration of the season, and (traditionally) the resurrection of Jesus Christ for those of Christian faith. So what does an Easter weekend usually look like in Dutch homes?

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