10 apps the Dutch use every day

Here are a few useful applications which you will want to download when you relocate to the Netherlands. From travel, news, and lifestyle, these little buttons of information will help you in more ways than one.

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Benefits of Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agencies have become a popular form of finding a job or employee over the last few years. Our team carefully assess every CV and motivation letter we receive in order to find the perfect company and candidate match. The job hunting and employee seeking process can be an exhausting one, we know. So having the encouragement and push of a recruiter can bring you farther than you thought you could go and open opportunities which you didn’t think were possible. There are so many benefits of find work through recruitment agencies, click the image below to find out what those benefits are, and what the process looks like for both sides.

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Volunteering Experience on Your CV

It came up a few months back in the news that approximately half of the Dutch population do volunteer work, with 30% of Dutch people volunteering on a monthly basis and 50% volunteering at least once a year. When people are more involved in the system, they have more faith in society. Have you ever done any volunteer work?

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Christmas Markets: a beloved tradition

What atmosphere is better than the one hanging over Christmas markets? If you are a lover of the holidays, you will understand the feeling of what holding a cheesy decorated mug filled with hot wine brings. The glittering lights above you, adorably decorated gift stalls and carefully constructed skating rinks bring warmth in your bones, despite your numb cheeks. And though Germany is arguably the best country to go to for these markets, the Netherlands is not too far behind in extravagance.

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Dress for (Interview) Success!

What’s on the inside counts for a lot, but the outside is the first thing anyone sees. Your appearance during an interview is a crucial part of getting the job and through here at Abroad Experience we’ve seen everything from sweat pants to a three-piece suit. With this, we thought to give you some very general and simple guiding principles to help to dress for success.

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