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How to prepare for a sales interview.

The best sales people can sell anything, including themselves. In any interview, you become the seller of your own brand but when you’re discussing a sales role, your presentation and proof of experience will be of the utmost importance. Here are our tips for preparing for a sales interview.

Know the customers, products, and style of the company you’re applying to

How is the text on their website written? Some companies use big business terms and are very technical, whereas others are more casual in their discourse. It may be an indication of how they sell.

If available, look at reviews of the company from their clients/customers, from there you will see the type of profiles they provide services to. How would you approach their audience? With this information, you could almost build a sales persona. Product-wise, understand what they sell, who their competitors are, and what makes this company the best at what they do.

Your achievements and connections

In sales, numbers matter. In your previous positions, how much did you contribute? Of course, keep whatever is meant to be confidential, confidential. But if possible, state your achievements on your CV already, before the interview. Do you work well with targets? How often do you exceed these expectations? When it comes to connections, how good are you at building a strong and consistent network? Do you already have some connections in the field of the company you’re applying to? So many questions, but good to know going in.

Photo Credit: Nik Macmillan via Unsplash Your plan of action and how you handle derailing

Know your style, and how you execute sales from A to Z.  How do you generate new leads? How hospitable are you towards clients? Do you often follow up with them? How personal do you get with them? When is the best time to get a little more personal? Then there is rejection, which job seekers and sales people have in common. How do you normally handle hearing “no” from potential or current clients/customers?

Your questions

As a sales person, you may find yourself with the tasks of an investigator. Since you dig into details of clients, what they’re looking for, what they need, and who they are. Hone in on those skills when it comes to the interviewer and company you’re applying to. You can ask about their targets, how successful on average their teams are, the size and structure of the team, what are the main challenges the team faces, etc. 

Most business deals should end positively and with a solid closer. Close this interview off with (genuine) enthusiasm/interest, already start the process by asking what the next step in the process will look like.

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Dutch Business Culture: What to expect.

Dutch business culture, how does it compare to the rest of the world? Though Abroad Experience mainly works with international companies with offices in the Netherlands, we also work closely with Dutch companies (with international teams), that provide a Dutch working culture. It’s not the most complicated of environments, there are just a couple of features which are distinctly Dutch, as, with all cultures, this may take a little time to get used to.

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Common Dutch Sentences/Words

90% of the Netherland’s population speaks English on a fluent level, which makes practicing the language a bit difficult when you want to put your new language skills into practice. Dutch is one of the easiest languages to learn for especially native-English speakers; besides sentence structure, many words are similar to English. Then there are words in Dutch which cannot be directly translated to English, most famously “Gezellig” like “Hygge” in Danish, is that warm cosy/fun/comfortable feeling/atmosphere you may feel when spending time with your friends/family or doing activities. There are so many excellent schools where you can learn Dutch, also there are groups on Facebook in your city/town where you can meet others wanting to practice your new language, Apps and YouTube videos which you can follow and so on. For now, here are some daily sentences and words which you can already put in practice.

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Garbage Disposal in the Netherlands

An important and overlooked chore is taking out the garbage. All of the boxes, plastic, and endless counts of How-To booklets from IKEA need to go somewhere. From recycling, giving away old clothes, to the decaying banana peel that needs a place to go, that’s what we’re covering today.

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