Call backs: How to handle waiting for one

small-fashion-person-woman-handIt is so nerve-wracking when you’re waiting for a call back after an interview, especially when you don’t hear anything for a while. All the questions start rushing through your head: Did they not like me? Could I have answered the questions better? Was I presentable enough? You get into a state where you can no longer wait, so you give them a call or send them an e-mail asking if they have feedback from their side, as you should. Taking the initiative to ask about the progress of your application is more than encouraged, as it shows initiative and enthusiasm, but there are instances where asking too much can become an inconvenience.

Something to remember about finding a job through a recruitment agency like ours is that agencies are the middle man between the company and its potential employee’s. Recruiters also need to wait for a reply from their client, but be rest assured that when they find out the decision of their client, they will share the news as soon as possible. Companies vary from being very quick with feedback, while others take their time, and unfortunately there’s not much we can do about it. We know how confusing this may be, but your patience and to avoiding to e-mail or call too frequently is more appreciated.

It is frustrating if a candidate calls or emails daily, when the answer is always “I haven’t heard back from the company yet, I will let you know when they have feedback”. On the other hand, we encourage you to give your feedback after your initial interview, as this can help our recruiters push to get feedback for you quicker. Also, it’s important to keep your contact updated about your other job prospects, so that they can keep the company informed. You don’t have to drop any names, just say you’ve been actively searching and going for other interviews while waiting for feedback.

So, the takeaway points are:

  • Avoid calling or e-mailing every day if you haven’t heard anything back about your interview – contact us twice per week maximum
  • The recruitment agency will contact you as soon as they hear something
  • Update your contact person about what you’re up to



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