Candidate Success Story: Agnes from France

Agnes is a French candidate of ours who we helped find a great role in Customer Service. We asked for her take on some challenges and benefits of moving to the Netherlands, and starting a whole new life here. 

Why did you choose the Netherlands as a place to live?

I’m a big fan of the architecture, and see the Netherlands as a country that is open minded, has tolerance, and is innovative.. I mean, they live on water! 😊

What’s something that gave you culture shock when you first moved here?

Photo by Tessa Rampersad on Unsplash

Definitely the strong wind, unstoppable rain, tones of bicycles, it’s a well-organized society, and agendas rule all lives, which in turn provides not much spontaneity unfortunately

People want to visit the city you live in: What’s the best “hidden gem” around your parts.

Neude in Utrecht is full of wonderful possibilities, however the first thing you should do in Utrecht is walk along the canals, there’s much to discover  there.

What advice would you give a candidate in a similar job-hunting situation?

First to contact Abroad Experience, they give good tips and advice. Also, try to follow some Dutch classes, and get informed about country policies.

Hot Topic: Do you have advice regarding finding accommodation in The Netherlands?

This can be very difficult as the demand is very high and the spaces offered are a bit low in quality, don’t hesitate to subscribe (and/or eventually monthly pay) to several rental agencies.
They often organize group viewing and you have to decide quickly whether or not you want the house/apartment/room.

Any tips on learning Dutch?

Take a breath… no joking, be patient, take some classes, learn grammar, watch Dutch TV programs and don’t forget that every language has its own characteristics and is worth it!

What kind of job did you find through Abroad Experience, and what about it are you looking forward to? Why do you find this role interesting?

I am Customer Service Representative: I wanted to change fields as I was previously in procurement. Having a challenging job within a young team where I can use my language skills is the perfect combination I was looking for, and thanks Abroad Experience I found it.

What do you normally expect from recruitment agencies? How did we measure up to your expectations?

A good follow-up and precious advice, especially when we don’t know the country and the way things work here.

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