Candidate Success Story: Marie-Christin from Germany

Marie-Christin is a German speaker who moved to the Netherlands with her Dutch husband, she wanted to share a bit about her experience moving to the Netherlands, and give tips on job hunting.

Why did you choose the Netherlands as a place to live?
My husband is Dutch and after four years abroad, we decided to move to Holland, because of my husband’s work. For me, it is the first time living here.

What’s something that gave you culture shock when you first moved here?
The amount of people who are riding with the bicycle – they “fietsen” so fast you really need to watch out, whether you walk or drive with the car.
I’m from Germany so I didn’t really experience much culture shock

What advice would you give a candidate in a similar job-hunting situation?

Do the same as I did. Sent the CV to Abroad Experience and they will probably have a matching job for your experience/profile.

Photo by Austin Schmid on Unsplash

Was the interview process different from what you’re used to?

Yes, because I never used a recruitment agencies so usually I have to prepare myself for a interview.
But this time Abroad Experience gave me lots of advice and tips and documents to prepare me best for the interview.

Tips on learning Dutch

Reading books, watch Dutch TV – hang out with people who are speaking the language

What kind of job did you find through Abroad Experience, and what about it are you looking forward to? Why do you find this role interesting?

I found the Customer relations job which is a job in the office. I find it interesting because I have a lot experience in Customer Service and I like to talk to people and help them wherever they need help

What do you normally expect from recruitment agencies? How did we measure up to your expectations?

It was my first time I used a recruitment agencies so honestly I didn’t had any expectations. But the Service I’ve got from Abroad was excellent. They took take of everything. They checked all my Documents from my CV, and gave me a lot of question the Company could probably asked and prepared me for the interview.

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