Dress for (Interview) Success!

What’s on the inside counts for a lot, but the outside is the first thing anyone sees. Your appearance during an interview is a crucial part of getting the job and through here at Abroad Experience we’ve seen everything from sweat pants to a three-piece suit. With this, we thought to give you some very general and simple guiding principles to help to dress for success.

“Dress for the job you want,…

“When you apply through us and get invited for a preparation interview, you can always ask for more information about the company’s dress code and culture,” says our colleague Lieke. But no matter what the dress code is at a company, you will have more of a chance at landing the job if you are dressed professionally. You should always take care to wear something clean and not worn out or torn; something that is well taken care of (ironed etc) and that is a bit more dressed-up than your everyday outfit. Think trousers instead of jeans.

Clothing is just another way to express our personality and passions. For example, our colleague Cindy love colors and rare accessories, something that “pops!” Accessories can be the cherry on top of an outfit when done properly. A good watch, a chunky necklace on a block colored shirt, whatever you prefer but in moderation.

… not the job you have.”

Excess or exposed body piercings, tattoos or jewelry can ruin your chance at getting a job in a cooperate setting. So unless you know if these are acceptable or not, it is best to think of the old saying, “less is more.”

Grooming is equal in importance (if not more) to what you wear. No one wants to hire a person who smells like 3 day old socks or one who smells like they fell into a pool of cologne/perfume. You should be shaved, hair should be neat and nails should be clean or freshly polished.

You can’t make a first impression twice, so the key is finding the right balance between looking smart and presentable and showing your personality and being comfortable.We have compiled four different styles for both men and women below that you may take as inspiration for your next interview. Which one suits you best?

You can also find where we get our inspiration on our Pinterest.

Interview Outfits - LadiesInterview Outfits - Gentlemen

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