How to lose weight- Off your CV

There are many types of CV writers out there, all on the spectrum between the simplicity of the ABC’s and detailed dictionary.  We wanted to share some of our tips on how to trim off the excess.

1. Positions

If you’ve been working since before 2000, we suggest you cancel out all of the roles before then. Your experience then is most likely something you don’t put to use anymore, and all of this information can be overlooked by a hiring manager. But if you’re looking to go back into a job which you did many years ago, then highlight these skills, and get rid of anything that isn’t relevant to the job you want.

2. Languages

tape-403593__340You may state that you speak 4 languages fluently, while in reality 2 are basic, 1 fluent, and the other native. Say you studied in France 5 years ago, and it was the only time you spoke French on a daily basis. If these days you no longer know how to order a croissant properly,  you shouldn’t include it in your CV. Although you will attract many to your profile, the hiring manager will eventually find out that your level is truly not what is stated.

3. Role Descriptions

This might be one of the hardest ways to lose weight; reducing or adding information to the description of your role. But it can be much simpler: highlight most important responsibilities, especially ones that related to the role which you’ve applied for. When you have the interview, that’s when you area able to explain the role in more detail.

4. Education and training

If in every function you were offered a training and you want to mention it in your CV, an alternative way to acknowledging it is within the role description at the end. If there were multiple you don’t need to write them as one big list, it creates a weird space in ones CV. 

Those are some ways how to lose weight quickly on your CV. A clean, clear, and accurate document is what catches a recruiter/hiring managers eye.






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