If you get ill

While working for Abroad Experience, if you do fall ill during your contract we would ask for you to follow these steps:

  • Inform your Hirer (your Manager) before 10.00 on the day of illness and explain your current situation.
  • Inform Abroad Experience as well on the day of your illness and that you have been in contact with your Manager.
  • When you are back at work please also inform Abroad Experience of this so we can update our records.

When you do fall ill there are some conditions that are stated by the CAO that Abroad Experience follow:

  • When falling ill you will not receive payment until the 3rd day of sick leave, as the first 2 days are waiting days. To compensate for these 2 waiting days you are entitled to a paid percentage (0.71% – waiting day compensation) with every 4 week payment period. This means every 4 weeks you will receive in your salary the waiting day compensation paid out.
  • When Abroad Experience registers you as ill to the UWV, the Assignment that has been signed will come to an end. When you are able to return to work, and the Hirer has agreed to this, a new Assignment will be signed between you and Abroad Experience.

There is no limit to the amount of assignments you can have with Abroad Experience during the first 78 weeks of employment, but it might affect the type of contract you will get from the company at the end of the temping period.



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