Opening a bank account

It would be ideal to have a Dutch bank account in order to deposit your first salary from your new job! The Netherlands is home to some of the world’s largest banks, ABN-AMRO, ING, Rabobank, and SNS, to name a few.  Some of these banks offer a full range of services in English, including app, translated manuals, and ATM’s all over the country.

  What do I need to open a bank account?

  • Document of identity, like a passport. Some EU identity cards are also accepted. Another option is a residence permit card.
  • Your BSN number, as we’ve mentioned before, you will not get far without this number in the Netherlands.
  • Proof of address: Either a rental contract for your house/apartment or a recent utility bill will suffice.
  • Proof of income: An employment contract or some recent salary slips.

You can expect a service charge either every month, or every few months, this is automatically taken from your account. If you want to go online shopping, and don’t have a Paypal account or Credit Card, and wish to purchase a product online from a Dutch company, you’re able to pay for it with your debit card and the online payment tool: iDeal.

Credit cards are slowly becoming more accepted within retail stores, but don’t be surprised if they say no. In general, you need to be a customer of your chosen bank for a while before getting one. Credit cards are usually more expensive, and it is highly encouraged to pay off the account quickly and consistently. Some banks allow credit on your debit account, you may set a monthly bank account, money, earn, Dutch bank, accountingspending limit, therefore you are able to go as far as -1000 EUR, but be aware that “borrowing” this money costs extra, and you are expected to have your account back to neutral every month.

Once again, depending on the bank you will receive a little calculator looking device, which you will use for authorization to access your account.


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