Payment of salary

Abroad Experience pays the salaries to the temporary employees on its payroll on a 4 weekly basis. At the contract signing, you will receive a salary schedule outlining when Abroad Experience needs to receive your time sheets and when the salary payments will take place. We will also need to receive your IBAN bank account number into which you would like the salary to be deposited.

Your salary can only be paid out to you when the timesheets have been signed by your hiring company and have been received on time by Abroad Experience. Abroad Experience cannot take responsibility for non-payment or late payment if the timesheets have not been received on time.

Paying the salaries on a 4 weekly basis means that there will be 13 payment occasions in one year (4 weeks x 13 payments = 52 weeks, or one year). This is not to be confused with the 13th month, or vakantiegeld.

As most months do not contain exactly 4 full weeks, you will notice that the salary payment will be paid out a few days earlier in the month. It is for this reason that it is very important that you observe the payment schedule that is provided to you and, if you misplace this or have any questions, contact us as soon as possible.

As we understand that the idea of “4 weeks versus one month” can be confusing, please see the following example for a breakdown of a salary payment:



You have just accepted a position to work as a Customer Service Representative and will earn €2000 gross/month. This equates to €11,54 /hour worked in a full time capacity of 173,33 hours/month.

 In a fully-worked 4 week period, you will receive 4×40 hrs x €11,54 = €1846. Please see the following figures to compare:

  • 12 months x €2000/month = €24000/ year
  • 13 payment periods x €1846,40/ 4 weeks = 24003 EUR/year


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