The AE Christmas Poem: The Unexpected Candidate

With Christmas around the corner, we had a very unexpected candidate drop by our office the other day… one of us recorded the events.

The recruiters sat in their office, typing away
When there was a thumping above their heads and the sound of a sleigh
They looked up in shock, some curious, others not
It thumped once again, and the team became distraught

There were smells of freshly baked cookies, and sounds of bells ringing
Suddenly a knock on the window made them all jump, everyone’s bodies tingling
There the man stood, dressed in a red business suit with white fluffy frills
“Good afternoon” he spoke in a deep voice, which gave every recruiter chills

“I’m in need of a new job, this Christmas thing is simply too much work”
“Well come in, and out from the cold! We have cookies and milk” the boss said full of perk
“Just milk please good sir,” insisted Santa Clause, “the Mrs has me on a gluten free diet”
With wide eyes on him, the office suddenly became quiet

“So.. what type of job are you looking for Mr. Clause?” asked one of them nervously
“Well..” he started, “Maybe something where I can use my skills, there are many opportunities surely!”
“I typed up a CV, here have a look!”
The recruiters gathered around, some made notes in their note book

“Excellent language skills, and data entry experience too”
“Excel, Logistics, Forecasting and Budgeting.. we must have a great role for you”
They gathered the best roles, and asked him some more questions
Santa became slightly overwhelmed at all of their tips and suggestions

Busy looking over job descriptions and companies’ profiles
He could not stop thinking about all of the children’s smiles
Santa thought about the reindeer, and the while scratching his beard
“Hey Santa, these roles, they aren’t right for you!” a recruiter cheered

“Yeah Santa, look no further for positions!
There is no one better to carry on these traditions!”
Santa smiles and took back his CV
“To thank you all, here are well deserved gifts from me!”

Hohoho! A U2 CD for Francesca, and new sneakers for Cindy
A horse for Lieke, and a whole new kitchen for Ceci,
Mystery books for Jenny, and a pool table for Mark
A flight to Canada for Melissa, and lots of wine for the other Marc!
A full day at a spa for Rhonda surely will be nice!
And Marine can get some brand new cooking supplies!

All the recruiters cheered in pure delight!
“Thank-you so much Santa” they said “and have a safe flight!” 







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