The benefits of learning online to grow your career in the Netherlands: Top 8 advantages of following online courses in 2021

The benefits of learning online to grow your career in the Netherlands: Top 8 advantages of following online courses in 2021

It’s almost 2021 and you want to become the best and most successful version of yourself once the new year starts? Learning something new every day will help you actively grow your career into the direction you want it to go into. A very efficient way to learn new skills and to gain new theoretical and practical knowledge in a short amount of time is to enroll in online courses.

There are endless numbers of online courses available on the World Wide Web and if you have never enrolled in one before it can be intimidating and overwhelming to get started.

There are online courses that help you to learn languages, to learn new computer skills, to advance your creativity in photoshop or to improve your marketing know-how. For those who want to learn how to improve their communication skills, want to become a pro in negotiations or want to turn into an excellent writer will also find appropriate courses online. These are just some examples of courses that are being offered and are booming online. No matter what kind of skill you want to work on, there is almost a guarantee that the web offers a suitable course on the topic. Popular websites to enroll in online courses include Udemy, Edx and Coursera. Courses vary in their length, content and learning style, so it is up to you to find the course that is matching with your interest, budget and learning type.

But where to get started? Which courses are actually worth your time and are a non-regrettable investment?


If you are looking for an excellent online course that helps you to gain new knowledge and skills regarding the Dutch culture, the Dutch job market and everything related to building a successful career in the Netherlands, then why not kick start your online course journey by following our ‘Soft Landing in the Netherlands’ Online Course program?

Our online course was designed for professional internationals, like you, who are either in the process of moving to the Netherlands or have recently moved here, and are looking for theoretical and practical step for step guidance to building their career on the Dutch market. Our online courses include videos, audios, exercises, quizzes and handouts – and the best part is that you can follow the courses from all around the globe! How cool is that?!

Learn at your own pace and receive all the essential information, know-how, skills and resources to make sure that your new chapter in the Netherlands is a ‘no regrets’ experience. Our online courses give you the confidence to make active steps forward and to feel integrated and happy in your new home country. Even though an online course comes with a price tag, it offers you the right toolset to make active steps forward once you completed the program.


Here are our top 8 reasons for why the ‘Soft Landing in the Netherlands’ online courses can be what you are looking for to take the next steps forward in your career in the Netherlands:

  • Online courses are the future way of learning:

    No need to spend money on gas or train tickets to be able to attend classes. Especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, online classes are an easy and practical solution to keep on learning and developing from your own living room.

  • Online courses save you time:

    Stop spending time on Google and on searching for answers to your open questions. There are so many websites out there and they each tell you something different and end up confusing you. If you are looking for a compact program that gives you the answers to all your questions related to starting your life in the Netherlands, applying on the Dutch market and making practical steps forward to improve your CV and interview skills, then our online course is the right fit for you. Explore our course content in more detail on our website

  • Online courses save you costs:

    Say goodbye to expensive in-person classes and say hello to more inexpensive and efficient online courses. Our online course program gives you a lot of value for your money. You will not only have access to video material but also audio material, interactive exercises, quizzes and reflection questions. Furthermore, you will receive handouts with summaries and additional resources. Last but not least, you will gain extensive new awareness of the Dutch culture, your own culture, your personality and your personal next steps in your career.

  • Online courses are practical and summarize the ‘must know’ facts about a topic without overwhelming you:

    Our online program gives you the necessary overview and puts everything in perspective for you. This way you will get ‘unstuck’ and know how to tick off the next things on your to-do list.

  • Online courses are location independent:

    You can follow courses from anywhere around the globe, as long as you have stable internet and a personal device (e.g. laptop or tablet).

  • Online courses give you flexibility:

    You can follow our Online Course program at your own pace because we realize that you have other obligations and appointments throughout the week. You can complete the program in several days or in several weeks/months. Nobody judges you on your speed of finishing the content. We even encourage you to take some time in between each video and exercises to reflect and process the new information.

  • Online courses can get you closer to your goal:

    Our online courses will give you new inspiration, new tips and new resources and will let you have many ‘aha’ moments. Go with us on a journey of self-discovery. Reflecting on your personal situation, your next steps and your personality is a crucial part of the job search progress.

  • Online courses are interesting and interactive:

    By combining theoretical and practical content, as well as adding interactive exercises, quizzes and handouts, we acknowledge that people have different learning styles and want to spend their time well without getting bored along the way. An online course should be a fun way of taking in new information and learning new skills. We add the most up to date content to our course material and assure you that we make sure to keep it that way in order to offer the best possible services and solutions to course participants.


Do you want to learn more about our ‘Soft Landing in the Netherlands’ program?

Visit our website today on ! You can also contact us via if you have any further questions about the course.

Written by Charlotte Lohmeyer (International Recruitment Consultant and Intercultural Career Coach at Abroad Experience)

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