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4PL Specialist - temp role - Utrecht area




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November 18, 2021

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Lieke van Heck
0031 33 479 3095

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4PL Specialist – temp role – Utrecht area


The 4PL Specialist is expected to support 4PL Services in producing freight estimates; confirming shipment costs, and maintaining those accurate records in the ERP system. The 4PL Specialist is responsible for managing data inputs to both of freight estimate and shipment cost processes, including SKU logistical data and routing information accurately and timely. The 4PL specialist is also expected to proactively resolve errors & suggest process improvements for 4PL Services processes.


Main Tasks

  • Create freight estimates and quotations based on existing 3PL rate cards and established lane allocations; and solicit spot quotes and lead times from onboarded 3PLs when rate card rates are not available (e.g. new lanes added between rate card periods).
  • Ensure freight estimates established make sufficient provision for direct freight costs, planned value-added services (such as data loggers or additional cold chain packaging), and 4PL revenue.
  • Update logistical data for newly added specific items (SKU) and maintain this data, following up on cost increases related to logistical data variance; apply established weight and volume multipliers to estimate cold chain and frozen packaging; and review & clean up data in Partner Sites and Routing Guide.
  • Review and action Partner Site upload & update requests.
  • Monitor Pickup & Data Loggers plan for Cold Chain & Frozen origins; monitor PO pipeline for these shipments; ensure data loggers are available for these shipments; and ensure costs tracked and allocated correctly.
  • Allocate shipments to forwarders based on the current lane allocations, routing guide and Planned Costs review.
  • Generate shipment Planned Costs, checking these against the corresponding budget (Freight Estimate line costs); support ongoing efforts to streamline and automate this process.
  • Monitor, diagnose and follow up on EDI failures.



Professional and Technical Knowledge

  • 1+ year’s experience with international logistics and supply chain operations.
  • Experience with ERP or other supply chain management system required.
  • Experience working in a developing country is a plus.
  • Ability to work comfortably with Microsoft Office software, specifically Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Must be eligible to work in The Netherlands.

Interpersonal skills/Communication

  • Excellent written/verbal communication and interpersonal skills with strong sense of customer service. English fluency required, including speaking, writing, understanding, and reading.

Priority Setting, Problem Solving, & Detail Orientation

  • Solution oriented with a high sense of quality, attention to detail, accuracy, efficiency, and meeting tight deadlines.
  • Team player who is also able to work independently and handle conflicting priorities while maintaining consistent, quality performance standards.