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Supervisor Customer Service/Inside Sales - Venray area





Last edited
May 29, 2018

Job contact

Melissa Lauchli
0031 33 479 3095

Supervisor Customer Service/Inside Sales – Venray area

For an international company in the south-east of the Netherlands we are looking for a supervisor for the customer service/inside sales team. The company has a global business in logistic solutions and you would be based in one of the Headquarters; in an open and spacious office – easily accessible by car but also by public transport.

Main Tasks

To provide the best possible success by taking care and attention for our customer in selling, fulfilling and supporting our client’s line of products and services. To enable and coach the customer service & inside sales team members to handle requests for information from customers regarding price, availability and delivery dates, create offers as well as enter orders in a correct, customer friendly, proactive, effective and professional way.



  • Order entry process (ensure timely and correct entry of orders)
  • Quote generation process (ensure timely and correct entry of quotes)
  • Complaint handling (ensure timely and correct entry of complaints)
  • Reactivation activities
  • Attrition prevention activities
  • Opportunity follow up
  • Phone call registration follow up
  • Product availability escalation



  • Communication skills (phone / e-mail)
  • CRM platform skills
  • ERP system skills
  • Sales skills



  • Drive DAILY cross functional communication
  • Comment on WEEKLY performance report
  • Comment on MONTHLY performance report
  • Chair weekly team meeting
  • Participate in weekly Team Lead meetings
  • Participate in cross-functional meetings where required
  • Drive regular 1:1 meetings with team members
  • Participate in performance review meetings with individual Customer Success team members



  • Create flexibility matrix
  • Create capacity plan
  • Approve holiday requests
  • Act as back-up for all team activity where needed
  • Ensure the team has working systems and equipment to conduct daily operations



  • Has the ability to be inspiring and able to give direction to and manage a group
  • Has adequate (professional) knowledge and skills to be able to perform the function and develops new knowledge and skills.
  • Sets high standards for quality of work. Delivers work that meets requirements. Carries out tasksaccurately, on time, and carefully.
  • Sets high standards for his/her own work.
  • Can easily adjust to changing surroundings, methods, tasks, responsibilities, people, etc.
  • Contributes to the team effort
  • Helps and supports colleagues and bears their interests and needs in mind.
  • Is able to carry out an assigned tasks or duty independently from start to finish. Determines adequately when the help of others is needed.
  • Shares suggestions without being asked and takes needed action on his/her own initiative.
  • Has a positive critical attitude, has a curious and enquiring mind and seeks innovation / improvement in his/her own duties, methods, processes, etc. and proposes such changes.
  • Can continue to perform effectively and using the correct priorities when under deadline, pressure of multiple or difficult tasks
  • Has a sense of financial consequences and gives thought to limiting expenses (through optimum use of time, money, and other resources).
  • Can communicate ideas and opinions, orally and in writing, using understandable and correct language while taking account of the situation and target group.
  • Shows interest, is able to pick up information from conversations and gain a picture of what the othermeans.
  • Sets goals and priorities for his/her work in an effective way and properly organises the time, actions, and resources needed to achieve these goals.
  • Monitors progress of the work.
  • Can divide issues into logical parts, sees correlations / cause and effect relationships and uses these to make a logical interpretation. Makes proper assessments and reaches practicable conclusions. Conceives of (practicable) solutions.
  • Has insight into his/her own strengths and weaknesses, interests and ambitions, and undertakes actions as wished for self-development.
  • Experience working with ERP and office software (e.g. Infor / Microsoft Office)
  • Experience working with a CRM platform
  • Experience working in a sales environment managing customer accounts and driving reorders, upsell opportunities, and developing new business
  • Experience coaching and leading a group of service and/or sales team members
  • Excellent Dutch and English language skills